Camera trocar lifting in laparoscopy.
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Mechanical Lifting
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Mechanical Lifting

Camera Trocar Lift Assisted Laparoscopy

Except for its normal function as a gas-tight sleeve for a laparoscope, the camera trocar is by its central location in the abdominal wall, also a perfect anchoring device for mechanical lifting.

Abdominal wall lifting in laparoscopy has many advantages: 
- with low gas pressure, it means a "normal" intraabdominal space formation
- with standard gas pressure, it means a “double” outcome in the intraabdominal space formation.
- with zero gas pressure, it allows the surgeon to take measures in a “gasless” condition using open surgery instruments such as clamps, scissors and powerful suction devices.

• The CTLL technique, using the camera trocar as an anchoring device, complemented by suprapubic lifting by means of a towel clamp, includes gas tightness, has a very short setup time (≤1-2 min), introduces no extra devices into the peritoneal cavity, causes no trauma to the peritoneal surface and does not interfere with surgical movements. It is a safe and uncomplicated procedure. 

Simplicity & Quality

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