Camera trocar lifting in laparoscopy.
BSB Obst.&.Gyn
Manual & installation
Uterine manipulator positioner
Laparoscope Holder / Camera Holder
Camera holder

Price:US $ 500 excl. freight

Laparoscope holder "Solo-surgery" (

(The holder can also be used as  a uterine manipulator positioner. See that page.

Key benefits of a laparoscope holder:

To the hospital

Eliminates excessive personnel costs associated with salaries, overtime, sick leave and employee benefits. Provides an assistant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To the Surgeon

Frees both hands to perform more efficient surgery and acts as a third arm. Returns complete procedure control to the surgeon. Shortens procedure time allowing the surgeon to utilize his or her time more efficiently. Heightens procedure accuracy by keeping video image completely stable. Eliminates miscommunications and frustration between surgeon and assistant.

To the Nurse

Allows the scope holder to perform more responsible productive tasks. Eliminates fatigue associated with scope holding. Less time under anesthesia. Allows nurses to provide increased patient care and attention.

(Ref: Computer motion)

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